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How to pull off the ultimate event

If you’ve ever planned a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, business conference or any big event you know there is a lot of work and costs involved in the planning and execution. However, you can pull off an amazing event for less money and with less effort thanks to help from a few websites and some creativity.

First step to planning the ultimate gathering is picking the date and letting people know about it. Be sure to check the calendars to see if there is anything happening on or around that date. Google Calendar allows you to add national and religious holidays to your calendar and you can always do a search for the date. WhichDateWorks.com is a free service that makes simple work of finding the best time for a scheduled event. Choose a good location. About.com has a great event planning section with lots of advice on choosing a location. Don’t forget to check user reviews online if it is a restaurant or big venue.

Once you have locked down a time and place you will want everyone to know about the event but you’ll also want to create some buzz and an attractive invitation is a great way to encourage attendance. WbC can create you a custom invitation that will give the impression you want and with a little creativity and flexibility on a budget too! Nowadays, printed invites are only part of the equation. While we love to design and print our specialty is the web. Why not turn that smashing invitation into event branding and use the same look and feel for everything from a save the date and seating cards to customized menus and thank you cards. Use the same theme on the Facebook event or e-vites which we can help you set up and promote. We can even create a basic website where guests can find all the info, RSVP, and even post and view photos after the event. If it’s a paid event visitors can register and purchase spots online. There are lots of ways to market your event online and off. For example, using sites like Meetup, Eventbrite, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Upcoming. You can also print banners and flyers or create a contest or give-away. WbC can help with all of that and we can even write your press release or invitation and have it translated into several languages!

So now that everyone is excited about the upcoming gathering how do you get it all organized? First, make a checklist and a budget. Thegreatevent.com has a free checklist and sample budget you can print out (or copy paste into Word to modify).

When the day comes and everyone is arriving, be sure that you keep people happy and that you’ve optimized your event to create additional buzz. Have high-speed wireless available – this allows people to tweet and converse more easily. Promote following the event’s Twitter account for event updates. Don’t forget to have a unique hashtag for the event. Have a web page or even a giant whiteboard where people can share their social media contact information too.

For people who cannot attend the event, consider setting up a live stream. Live video services like Ustream and Mogulus make it possible to stream out key portions of events. You don’t have to stream everything – just the good stuff. If you can’t stream, upload videos to YouTube afterwards.

Finally, and most importantly, listen to your audience – do they complain about a specific speaker, the food, entertainement, or a lack of responsiveness? Address their needs by tracking the Twitter conversation for a large event. For small events, simply ask them for their feedback or have an online survey guests can fill out.

From planning and organizing to promotion and execution let WbC Web Design‘s team of experts help you pull off the ultimate event. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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