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Nowadays most stories are told through a visual medium, ads run for thirty seconds or less, and a visually stunning website can rake in the traffic. Images are a tool we use to brand ourselves that enable others to associate a product or service with our name – but did you know that that’s just the start? While trying to build catchy websites, we tend to get lost in the hype of how it should look opposed to how it reads.

Part of branding yourself includes how you sound on paper. Words create a huge impact on our psyche. Quoting films and film characters has become apart of our daily lexicon, when we think of brands to buy taglines from ads whisk across our brain, and the websites that stand out in our mind the most are well written, easy to read, and catchy. Good writing across all mediums, be it academic, journalistic, or prosaic, is an essential component in how you present yourself to others and this is especially important to a website. In addition to using the right keywords to optimize your site so that it’s found in search engines you also want your visitors to stay on your site once they arrive. Even more importantly, you want them to take action like clicking buy or registering. In technical jargon that’s called a conversion because you convert the visitor into a buyer. The best way to increase your conversions is with well written content and catchy titles – but not all of us are writers. Good news! WbC works with professional copywriters, editors, and proofreaders so you can get the most out of your website and online marketing campaign. When you combine visually stunning graphics with enticing content and thought out navigability, your website is guaranteed to have a major return on your investment (ROI).

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